To be a state where Transparency, Accountability and Equity are driving forces [hallmark)] of Governmental Actions

Social Development

To be a state where every citizen has access to all social amenities on equitable basis in order to achieve self-worth and human dignity in a secured environment

Regional Development

To provide effective and efficient basic social and physical infrastructure that would support economic development in a sustainability manner

Economic Development

To diversify the state's economy by harnessing various resources (both Natural and Human) for socio-economic well-being of the citizenry


We have a story from the history of our dual roles in the Niger Delta region; as indigenes and workers. These roles commit us beyond mere responsibilities but to a deep measure of passion of “OUR OWN BUSINESS.” This is why we continue to gather and strive within all limitations and possibilities to give a rewarding and befitting place in the geo-political space of our nation. The story of the Niger Delta outlives all imaginations of people who have never visited the creek communities.

A vision remains a mind map until it is manifest in its practical implementation. I believe that when proponents speak of development, the conception is the baseline provision and accession of life's basic needs, which of course, may differ in quality and proportion.

Development is a continuum and continues to attract growing definitions as dynamic as the living environment.

For the peculiar circumstance of Niger Delta Region, even the least provision of basic needs conveys a big leap in the development agenda. This is because the level of deprivation, neglect and disaffection is captured in a manner that can be seen as an astronomical exponent of the inverse proportion of its resource exploitation.

This consciousness led to the agitation of "good"-minded people to agitate for various creations to handle the affairs of development in the region. This basic understanding must be adequately appropriated in our minds to commit us to accountable actions.

So far, while emphasising the development agenda, a clear path of action has been defined and roles identified. Evidence of these are proven in the current initiatives of the regional agenda.

The working of a renewed vision has shifted from personal goals to corporate survival. This premise underscores the current approach of promoting investment capital in social and economic terms. In the overall goal, development of infrastructure and its full utilisation will produce a regional economy that is capable of supporting future the pressure that is likely to emerge as we diversify from Oil economy.

We have to come out of this council with a message to place human effort on the plough with resilience and focus that can guarantee a future of acceptable ecological habitat.

Dear compatriots, finally, if we consider the vulnerable class of persons in the children and women clusters, our actions will be moderate and our expected achievements will arrive earlier. In this, we will not be working for peace as a goal. The peace will evolve naturally with a secure environment that will engender rights of our people and it will be a generic force that shall overcome the vogue of momentary palliatives.

If you will not accept the message of this administration of dialogue for peace and development, we should all take a common resolve to play our respective roles without suspicion. We beg for a chance to be proven right or otherwise. So far our countenance aligns with our expressions and our actions are derived from our vow – TO MAKE THE NIGER DELTA A MODEL with a new identity and a society oriented will. We may not achieve it in a short while, but the journey is initiated with determination.

Be assured of this Vision.

Usani Uguru Usani

Hon. Minister

Ondo State